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How to Choose Your Bowtie

Posted by Demetrius Hendrix on

Choosing a bowtie to wear can be a rather daunting task!

You have to figure out the texture you want; cotton, silk, or polyester. You also have to choose the style of bowtie you desire. Here at Knotted, our signature style is the diamond point design that is a little less traditional and adds some pizzaz to your look! There is also the traditional butterfly design, which is the more popular design, as well as the bat wing style.

Next, you have to figure out what print pattern you’re looking for? Do you prefer the very classy gingham print? Or, are you are more of a springy, seer sucker type of dresser. You may be neither of those and prefer to keep it simple with a solid or striped bowtie! Either way, there is definitely a bowtie for you!

Like with any tie, it’s important to coordinate your bow tie with your shirt. If your shirt has a pattern, choose one color from the pattern for a solid colored bow tie. Or pair a patterned bow tie with a solid colored shirt. When mixing patterns, make sure at least one of the patterns is subtle. It’s best if the pattern looks like a solid color from a distance. Contrasting patterns can look very sharp when done right. For example, pair a floral bow tie with a striped shirt for a bold look.

Pulling off the right look with your bowtie has to be planned and well coordinated! It is easy to pair the right bowtie with the wrong shirt and achieve a disaster of a look!

If you’re questioning how to pull off your bowtie, here is a simple rule of thumb! When in doubt, you can always pair a plain white shirt with some blue, black, khaki, or grey slacks and throw on just about any bowtie you want with it! I promise you can not go wrong with that set up!

Thanks for reading and look out for more post from Knotted Handcrafted Bowties!

-Jay Hendrix