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1. How long will it take to recieve order?  Orders are prepared and shipped 1-2 days after order is placed. We aim to have each and every order successfully delivered within 1 week.   

2. Do you really handcraft your bowties? Yes, ALL of our products are handmade with love! We meticulously search for fabrics that are intriguing and unique. All of the cutting, sewing, and assembly involved in creating our unique handcrafted Bowties are completed in house. 

3. What sizes are your bowties? All of our Men's bowties fit neck sizes 14"-20". Upon request we can adjust the length. 

4.  Do you sell kid's bowties? Yes, we do sell kid's bowties. However, at the time, they are made by request only.

5. Can your Men's bowties come pre-tied?  Yes, we specially craft each of our bowties with the option of being pre-tied. 

6. Do you do custom orders? Yes, we do custom orders. Please email for inquiry at