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10 Reasons to Get Knotted

Posted by Demetrius Hendrix on

Top 10 Reasons to Get Knotted

10. Because they are easier to tie than you think.

A Google search for "How to tie a bow tie" returns a million results. There are a plethora of guides, YouTube videos, and diagrams. The Knot is essentially the same knot as the one you learned to tie your shoes. Don't over think it. In many ways the bow-tie is easier to tie than a necktie because if you know your neck size there is no need to untie and try again if the tie is too short or long.

9. Because they don't have to look perfect.

Bow ties are supposed to look a little lopsided or asymmetrical. An imperfect bow tie looks like you took the effort to tie it yourself. Real men don’t wear clip-ons or pre-tied bowties! Take the time to learn how to tie it!

8. Because having a variety of looks in your wardrobe is important and necessary.

Having a variety of options in your wardrobe is good for you! Being bold and having many options allows you to not look like that guy who always wears the same thing. Bows are a simple way to show independence while staying within the parameters of work or formal attire. They can also elevate your style and dress up your outfit. Bowties are the champagne of neckwear... enjoyed during good times and celebration.

7. Because they up your IQ (or at least make you look smart)

Think of bow ties like spinach is to Popeye. A list of Bow tie wearers reads like a checklist of brilliant academics, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, political leaders and writers. Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Mark Twain all wore bow ties. Did they wear bow ties because they were geniuses or were they geniuses because they wore bow ties.... we think the latter.

6. Because Bow Ties are back

If you haven’t noticed, bow ties are back in a huge way. All the major men’s retailers have seen a spike in bow tie sales. Millennials, Hipsters, Athletes and Entertainers are using the bowtie to elevate their styles to new levels!

5. Because chicks dig bow ties

Chicks dig a guy with confidence. Pick the right bow tie that fits your face and pair it with the right outfit and she’ll be hooked. Bowties and beards go together like Hennessy and sprite! Women like when guys dress up nice, so why not dress up nice more often?

4. Because they don’t get in the way.

Bow ties won't get caught in the office shredder, fax machine, car door, or subway door. They don’t catch a gust of wind and blow up in your face or flop around awkwardly.

3. Because they won't get sprinkled on in the urinal or in the sink while washing your hands.

Bow ties don’t dangle in front of you in awkward locations. Not every gent remembers to throw their tie over their shoulder when using the john. Bow ties don’t get wet while you are washing your hands.

2. Because they won't get covered in pomodoro sauce or mustard when you're on lunch break.

Silk neckties aren’t washable so if you get them dirty you have to send them to the drycleaner. That can get expensive and it may ruin your nice tie. When you wear a bow tie you don’t have to wear a bib to protect your neckwear from your order of chicken wings or baby back ribs.

1. Because people remember the guy in the bow tie.

Bow ties separate the man from every other buttoned-down guy in the room. Bow tie wearers come from different backgrounds, different professions, and different parts of the country but they all have some things in common... independence and confidence. These are memorable qualities. Men in bow ties not only separate themselves from the rest of crowd but bow ties attract the eye to the face of the wearer allowing people to remember the wearer. The bow tie leads a distinguished look to any gentleman. Not everyone is willing to take the risk of wearing a bow tie in public, but those who do are remembered.